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Established in 2016, TECHNICAMV embarked on its journey as a specialized business dedicated to providing high quality PC solutions. Initially focusing on repairing and troubleshooting PCs, we officially registered our operations TECHNICAMV (SP12292020) in Male, Maldives, on July 22nd, 2020, marking a significant milestone in our growth. Since then, we have expanded our expertise to specialize in crafting customized gaming pc's and workstations, sourcing top of the line hardware, peripherals, and computer parts from international markets.

From our humble beginnings, TECHNICAMV has been driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to providing exceptional service. Our journey from a small-scale operation to one of the largest PC builders in the Maldives reflects our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. In December 2020, we launched this website, ushering in a new era of online accessibility and convenience for both gaming enthusiasts and professionals. Building on our online success, we expanded our reach in late 2023 with the opening of our outlet in Male, Maldives, further solidifying our presence in the local market.

At TECHNICAMV, we envision a future where both gamers and professionals have access to premium-quality products that elevate their computing experience. As a leading destination for high-end PC solutions in the Maldives, we are committed to offering top-tier technology and unmatched customer service, setting the standard for the industry.

Our mission is to deliver the best quality products to both gaming enthusiasts and professionals at the most reasonable rates. By forging partnerships with leading international suppliers and leveraging our expertise in PC customization, we aim to surpass our customers' expectations and redefine the computing landscape in the Maldives.

Why our clients love working with us

Positioning a customer-first, quality-first approach as the foundation of our business, we continue to respond to the trust of our customers through prompt delivery of quality and 100% genuine products. Effective communication and prompt delivery, reliable consultations, and new proposals based on our expansive knowledge are also provided to customers.